Friday, November 4, 2016

Round Trip to Orinda


Oakland to Orinda to Oakland
Contra Costa county and back
to see a medical specialist

All Hallows Eve

 Now there's something scary

 Always was something fishy
about this place

 Someone across Washington street
has expressed a different response

 I'm up and out early
walking to my connection

 A ten-car train


 Good-bye, good-bye

 A charming niche town
a nook in the Hills

a little Vermont 

 Hey Orinda,
 look who's come to town


 Feels like a dream
 of a vaguely 
familiar place

 My way is uncertain
my purse is slender

 I try to follow
the pictographic map
to no avail

 Leaving the high-perched
BART station involves
a circular maze of walkways

 A charming girl walked me through
she was African-American and tall
 Smitten I made her laugh

The office was nearby,
It really is a beautiful

 An hour in the waiting room
I was quite early,
Several chapters went by
of The Great Gatsby,
a bit overwritten but poetic

 All Souls Day

 Patience is grace

 The view from the next waiting room
where they had a plastic jack-o-lantern
full of candy

Indulging because it's Halloween
I was animated by the time
I saw the doctor

 That happened
I made the most of happenstance
to gather a little adventure

Here's a sculpture of rusty wrenches
jutting out from the sidewalk

As I approached the center
a shabby black unmarked
police car drove past,
looked me over out of boredom,
Looked like he was on negro patrol

You see this from the highway but
I had only driven through town once,
when I lived briefly with my Brother
in Contra Costa county

 Mostly affluent white people
but Meso-American roots
were also observable

 A fun place
I'm getting an impression

 Whimsical, cute...


 Old fashioned
a little bit cornball

A real toy town
Trains drop you off
Mains street culminates in a round-about
an amusement park carousel

 So let's check out 
the fun house

 Well let's see the wax,
proof is in the pudding

O wow...
Does whatever a spider can

 Iron Man
looks imposing
a little right-wing
and unbending,
Oh that's right,
the guy plays him ironically

 Dead Elvis
rides again

 Robot from 70s sci-fi serial,
I saw it when it came out--
all but forgotten now

 There's the local civic
 landmark of record

 Lurching around town
on a haunted holiday


Free movie night,
Sounds interesting
but may be crowded

Marble wings to
fly to Wonderland

 Shall we go in?

 Oh yes
popular aesthetic  
jack-pot moderne

 Masculine display
the male gaze

 That quiet small town
society's still intact
weathers fine
mass extinction far far away

 Let's all go to the lobby
I'm waiting until dark
to resume my trick-or-treats


 Reminds me I had to 
produce a urine sample
and I had just taken a leak

 Man troubles


 Some people weren't happy
about the nudity

 There was talk in Toy Town

 No cowardly lions
we take the leap

 Looks like it's the edge of town
we've reached the round-about

Short but jam-packed
Orinda knows how
to market itself

 Back to my urban squalor
my wand still lit

A spooky Halloween at home
Trick-or-treats in early dark
then determined rain
shut it all down at nine,
Classical phantasms on radio

31 October 2016

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