Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Entertainment Arts in Oakland

 Sad clown in the rain

 The Flaneur skirts
the semiotics of despair

 The triumph of Death

 Marines in a void
of meaning

 Doctor Strange
was my super hero
Baptismal name Stephen
His mystik realm was not
mechanistic as depicted here
 Swirly and psychedelic
Lysergic acid seemed deja vu,

 The grim pilgrim
ready for sudden attack

 Beautiful mutants
birds of a feather
flock together


Nothing against Hawkwind
 but, hey...

History is a rubbish heap

 This time it's personal,
this time the Negroes win

All American
blood sport

Down by the tracks

 Vagina dentata

singularity in steel

 A man is real
not made of steel
sang DEVO

 Gun culture
with attenuated roots
ain't going away... hear to stay

is one of the most dangerous places 
in the world!"

 Second Amendment people
get ready

 Every man
his own arsenal

 All it takes to stop a bad guy with a gun

 is another bad guy with a gun

 Police spokesman said
that the officers believed that
 the dead suspect was holding
a gun

Insane clown pussy riot

October 2016

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