Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Overage

Ha ha ha
The Cubs and Trump
who would have thunk?

Here are some scenes from this mad ass scene

Morning at the Berkeley
Post Office
Mail Art Election business

Check out the gay cabellero

Let's see,
 an outrageous
reality-TV rich psychopath
or an old bag of potatoes

Very tall woman
on BART  escalator

Bit of sky-scraper herself
let's not ponder
her birth-gender

Atrocious new mural
on the atrocious drive-way
of an atrocious convention center

Sunset held portent

Ancient future
 hieroglyphic mankind

Cozy pad upstairs
in the Swam marketplace
when it gets dark early


The neon ghost
of a barber pole

Another of hell's
many entrances

A place of metallic sharks

Giant zika mosquitas

Regrettable things
that fell from space

Passengers, prisoners, lunch
a slippery slope

Relentless stinging insects
that can melt glass

The indifferent gulfs
of deep space

More plastic than fish
in the churning rising sea

Side-show side effects
one of us one of us
the coming of the Morlocks

Written in the spheres
always there to be decoded

Business as usual
behind the fig leaf
of normalcy

Order is temporary
chaos is the default state

Light bulbs of my thoughts
show me the way to go home


 You can join in
 the strained mirth

Or withdraw into your room

no one will miss you

 November 8
Election Day

Black Repertory Theater
entrance tiles
Today a voting place

is a word I admit
I sometimes use

Angel-centered book
incense crystal
candle figurine etc shop

Groove restoration

Your angel steps out
of heaven each night

These jack-o-lanterns
stay lit all year long
The graffiti obliterators
 spare them

Right near
the Gertrude Stein-obliterating


Kind of a misfire really
it annoyed people,
Its intention whatever it was
is generally misunderstood

Watch out, feral girl
we're apparently
going to build a wall

Dramatic high noon
but it's actually 11 AM
The demi-sleep
of a dental appointment

Very shortly
one bus ride later
a freight train approaches
an Amtrak goes away
with Lion King advert
something new

A peaceful recovery
the novocaine wears off
with a little herb and brandy

Went home for supper
brown rice tofu and vegetables
then a nap before coming back
for my rendezvous
with my aforementioned mentor
Doctor Strange

The goatee the cloak the gray streak
 the Greenwich Village pad
the Tibetan Book of the Dead
endless fungible dimentionality
where I'm came from

 November 9

 2 AM
Police cars hold off a march
at 8th street
short of headquarters 
and freeway ramps

Helicopters patrolled thinly
as a demo jelled in Ozawa square

I went to a late show of Doctor Strange

The radio said the GOP had won
the White House and congress

As I shut my lamp
to go to sleep at 2AM
 a penetrating blue beam
hit the wall above my bed
 a particularly vivid mental flash

I sat in my open window 
and listened to the chanting,
quite well performed and rolling
women's voices were heard
protesting the outcome 
of a presidential as
  free and fair as can be expected

The Clintons may have been an unstoppable force
among Democrats and on Wall Street
but voters just said no,
They had eight years in the White House
who would want them back
older even more corrupt and smug
She had her run at the office
and if she wasn't delusional
even she should have seen
 her own lack of appeal

Guess Natanyahu won't be getting that
invitation from the next president
first day in the ovoid office
as Hillary had boasted to AIPAC

BART collected my fare
without any warning
discontinued stops in downtown
Berkeley due to a high school protest

They ditch school and declare
a holiday to protest 
a democratic system
and um,
cause black lives matter
I had heard on the radio 
but came to town regardless
and now I'm walking a bit

 That's the wall
life splatters

I am applying game theory
determined not to succumb 
to the giant sucking sound

Traffic overruns
the mountains 
and the seas

 I have got to maintain
my all-seeing eye
into the mystical depths

 Of a moist green garden
toward the closing of the year

Running crowds of students
in the middle of downtown street
turning up toward campus 
where the real fun begins
free of teachers free of tests

Down at BART
Protesters fly the upside-down flag
In honor of the defeated
War hawk candidate

7-9 November 2016

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