Thursday, November 10, 2016

Permanent Revolution

Unrest overturns the security
 of our police state plutocracy
The Flaneur is there

 There's a vigorous 
vociferous march tonight
Heavy police manoeuvres,
I saw phalanx in riot gear
hurrying up Broadway 
The mob tried Washington street
where they were halted

 Multiple helicopters
buzzing round my hive,
Motorcycles of all strokes
worried the streets

 Sweeping the neighborhood
with a hostile searchlight

 The voice of an angry black bitch cop
came over a loudspeaker aimed
toward a crowd halted at 8th,
Threatening arrest
and worse

The roving copter shined
his search light in my window
for an instant

The mob threw bottles
Malatov cocktail party alleged 
There were two percussions
like dulled fireworks 
Toxic gas
I felt it fast and had to shut my windows

Not a lot of concern for
for innocent neighbors
in a total surveillance state


 I opened it again
popular history is unresistable
the lower light is a stationary chopper

You could feel the peak had passed
it must have been the gas

 It went on with distant
rumbles and thinning helicopters
I didn't even notice when they
opened the streets again
One copmobile stayed 
on the freeway ramp late

 So the next day
everybody is all
radicalized and militant

 Naw, we ain't like that

.In addition to the bank
and the T Mobile store
the looted the non-corporate
Oaklandish store too
Why cause they got cool shit
Some political statement

 But the scene
just changed again
with a cannabis inspired
art store

 Ain't nothing but  a party now

 Look how we sexy

An equally high
street artist adds
his ideation


 Cheeky is OK
Nosy not so much

 A crow's eye

Kind of creepy and recherche
right next to to the cops

Here comes my bus

La Pena
 continues its trajectory
way over the top

Political placards
line the gutter
after an election

Here comes that big zany
cannabis dispensary

Specializing in the Marley brand

They give free pre-rolls 
on your birthday
and are generally generous with
 less than tippity-top shelf herbs

Called CBCDs or something
it's known as the Aquaurium
and at least you roll up there

Stylish old poofter on the bus

I didn't want to trip his gaydar
You can sneak photos
because everyone ignores
smart-phone diddling

10 November 2016

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