Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Week in Post-History

Fully flowering tree
on campus in November

Things can't return to normal
normal is the mundane past,
Borderline battleground
is the state we're in

More scattered
until we resume our
Flaneurian focus

I'm having an extraction Monday
so I'm devoured a quality beef burger
on whole wheat pita from Bongo,
My blood will be thick as beef stew

Stop to boggle at traditional art
transformed into digital 
a beaded tapestry
of LED nodes

Mick Jaguar
as screened by
Andy War-hole, actually

Chubby Torture Porn
Botero found his kitsch niche,
big-eyed kittens rolling dice

Add the words Time and History
maybe a pointless time-line

there is a thrill
it can't be denied

The chicks are pissed
because one of their own
was denied the White House

Don't mess with
Anna Magnani,
Top poultry shop
round here


TV round up 
at ye olde
Cow Palace

Veterans Day

 Mexicans are building a wall
and we're going to pay for it

 Farmer's Market
He was peeling off
rapid Bop riffage

 I upset his train of thought
so he stopped a moment
but what a soulful shot

 Onto Berkeley
home to the longest-running
Cannabis dispensary in the world

 Home to Van Gogh socks

 Einstein disguised as Robin Hood

 Seven customers emerged
from the stockings store
Close examination shows the girl
looking cross is not annoyed by me,
No one even notices smart phones

 November is now official
Month of the Dead

Two more socks shoppers
joined the group
to number nine in all

 Bye, girls
Would they recognize me
if they saw me again
in a police line-up?

Shakespeare he's in the alley 
with his pointed shoes and his bell

 Stephen Strange
passing though town
on Veterans Day,
Nothing going down at all

 Only to fly back to
his mystical inner sanctum
Roll up some Gorilla Glue #4
Sprinkled with 
Durban Cookies kief

 Farmers market redux
should be selling buds

 Color shopping
at Old Oakland 
Farmer's market

a jewel-like
object of wonder

 Saturday morning

 Construction workers
from my bathroom


 A beautiful Fall Saturday
the hills as seen from 
MacArthur BART station

 Another stubborn 
encampment across
 from the high school

 Staff art show
Berkeley Public Library

 The Thin White Duke

made us happy
left us sad

 Mohammad Ali
I heard him speak
at my University once
was dull, we cut out


 I guess this thing
died this year too

Red and blue
my astro colors

10-12 November 2016

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