Monday, January 25, 2016

The Playing Fields of Berkeley

Look who's playing
At the Elmwood Theater    

Weekend wanderings in a Wintry town

 A dream of daily life

 Paranoia prevails 
The Playhouse on Ashby
(drive-by archive)

 Scattered showers headed for Berkeley High

 Home of the weaponized wasps

It's all in California,
United States of America

 Saturday was a day
Filled with striking cloudscapes

 It's not hard to see the score,
Draw conclusions on the wall

The sporting life

 Interesting trees on MLK

 Interesting walk Sunday
 On Berkeley's sedate Southside
In 1905 an entomologist built this redwood house
Still a hospitable refuge for bugs

 Look who's here

It's Rumpledforeskin

A vacant lot on McKinley street
Dry earth become bottom land,
The rains of El Nino

23-25 January 2016

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