Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Day of Turbulent Crows

Bookworms read this...

The Flaneur is nagged by the strangeness 
of an afternoon in December

It all occurred in the vicinity of The Children's Fairyland
A True Story

 The first real cold snap happened,
Lakeside park was nearly devoid of the usual foot traffic

 In the main it was just myself
And an abundance of birds

 Geese fed happily in the new green grass
They seemed to mind the cold not one bit

 The gulls on the other hand hunkered down,
Puffed up their feathers against the persistent North wind

Chilly but very peaceful,
Scattered sea birds floated serenely

 I began to notice that many of the trees were
Filled with armies of crows
And they were all becoming more and more restles
Was it due to my having come near?

 I looked back with mild alarm,
They had taken the sky over the old bandstand

Out of the density of an evergreen copse,
They began to rise


 They poured into the sky over Lake Merritt


More and more where they came from,
 An endless flow,

 And the sky darkened as a result
Dark energy was afoot
I felt like I could be swept up
Into the cold air vortex of the crows

  I waited for a calm in their storm
Sheltering under some oaks
On the periphery of the Children's kingdom

 The I followed along the barbed wire fence
In stealth lest I attract the crows crossing 
The firmament of  Fairyland

Another day's adventure at the estuary
I was glad to escape from its skies
Menacing and fantastic

December 2015

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