Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year's Lark

Guess where the Flaneur was on a brisk New Year's Day?

 ...Alameda, I knew you knew

 The scintillating flight of a flock of pipers

 They walk single file along the shore
So endearing, like an peanuts cartoon
In an oldtime hometown newspaper

 A key to open my heart
Outdoors in sunshine

I'd brought a little coffee and had a Bhang chocolate,
A Xmas gratuity from the dispensary,
Afterward I had a marine lunch
Tuna salad with Monterey jack on pumpernickel
Fresh carrot, a wee jar of brandy

The coots were wonderful too
Vigorous divers 
Rather amiable for wild bird-life

 Submerged stump near Crown beach

A Green New Year

In the thicket of things
Where I want to be

Christmas at Crab Cove

Then to return to the comforts of human society


Deep into the poetry of solitude


1 January 2016
phone captures

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