Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Noel Noel Part II


San Francisco City Hall

I really found a way to some Xmas cheer this year
The Holy Spirit came too

Home for the holidays

 Hand-made decoration
found on Kitteridge Street sidewalk

 Saint Paul's, Oakland

 Santa come to a children's party

Farmer's Market
Chinese dig chewing
On that old sugar cane

 Charming evening sky Old Oakland

The weather turned much colder
This year my friend gave me
 This lovely afghan his wife knitted

 Yule Kicks San Francisco

 City Hall all lit up and revolving
Hmm, lots of cops

Demonstration against police violence in progress,
Police Chief Suhr called on the carpet inside
 Some fluke where five cops pumped lead
into disturbed person of color, go figure

 I put in an appearance of solidarity
Then shove off toward Davies Symphony Hall
I've got a different short of nut-cracking in mind

 San Francisco Symphony duly checked-off
My long-shot kick the bucket list
A program with the peaceful pipes of the SF Girls Chorus

 Inside Davies looking back at City Hall,
Big city holiday excitement prevails

No war on Christmas

 Our flagship showing colors

 Christmas lights festoon the pleasurecraft

 Plenty to quietly dazzle one's fancy

 Jack London Square

Away we go,
 Over the river and through the woods, baby

Christmas Eve Nocturne

and ye shall find

Mexicali Rose
On Xmas Eve


Shoe shop near the train tracks

 The seedy but venerable Carles Hotel
Decorated for Christmas

A Christmas Eve full moon
Burned a hole in the sky

Lobby of the ASK building


A chilly frisson urges me on

December 2015

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