Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Curiosity Shop

Another yesterday
In the life of the Berkeley Flaneur 
in exile

 The good old boardwalk
The Port of Oakland
Sunnier milder weather over I

 I always capture this building
because I like it
First time with smart phone cam

 Ronan Worship
Monday March 21st
$15 - 8:00pm

People on the bus
 Top hen goose loonie--new meds?
Extreme clown make-up not in evidence today
As we passed the cathedral I made the sign of the cross
Said a little prayer with my eyes closed,
When I opened them she did a contemptuous mockery of me

 Well, here's looking at you, Kid
I exited singing, 
"Which side are you on?"

While I was taking this shot
A young head-banger emerged from the hidden door
Of the mat-black Oakland Metro Opera House
As he went back in I said
"Behave yourself now,"
We both laughed

 This sweet harmless lady is also somewhat challenged,
She is an artist as well,
Seemingly every day she creates a new bonnet
Out of shiny appropriations,
Flamboyant and extravagant,
Every day is an Easter parade

 What are the Oakland cops up to at night?
They watch a big-screen TV, third floor right,
Warriors games, I can even see the free throw results,
Last night they were watching TMZ

The room you don't want to visit
Is right upstairs
With the shade tightly drawn shut

26 January 2016

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