Monday, November 10, 2014

An Hour at Lakeside Park

 The Flaneur haqs come here to add this twisty wisdom 
of this oak tree to his own synaptical connections

 The Flaneur recovers from a nasty cold on the warm sunny shore of the estuary called a lake.

 Aging Children's Fairyland

A bunch of energetic kids ran up to play soccer,
The geese make just enough room for them,
Note how one keeps an eye on me


 Fuck off, geese, don't follow me,
I'll sic my squirrel on you

 I've got higher things on my mind

 Like this magnificent band stand

 And the striking suchness of these trees

I met these two fine lads
I asked what language they were speaking together
Harek, they were from Ethiopia
I told them Ethiopia was a spiritual land,
I told them about Arthur Rimbaud who wrote 
some of the greatest works of French literature
Before abandoning it to move to Harrar
How he was more heroic because of it

 I told them I had come here to photograph this tree,
They dug my photo of themselves so much
they copied it off my camera view screen
with their computer telephones

7 November 2014

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