Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Traditional Veterans Day in Berkeley

 Berkeley is a city at a permeable crosswalk

 The rambling Flaneur looks around a sullen town 
on a day when a certain edifice is locked.

 The tents have had to return
A refusal to cave into the plutocrat's dystopia

 Not For Sale,
Damn it

 Contrasting philosophies in the signage

 Meanwhile nature has reclaimed 
the old log bench

 Center of campus nearly deserted,
The better to experience it's charm 

 No admission

 Extra texture, 
the ripple effect

 A strange location under a skylight
Nobody's checking out any books today

 California's cabinet of curiosity,
RAY's archives are cataloged there

Basin of the icthyosaur

 A Bear's life ain't what it once was

 Did you know that Lincoln was Black now?

 The overcast sun dial reads on

11 November 2014

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