Monday, November 24, 2014

November Nocturnambulist

Come along if you dare, 
come along if you ain't square...

Close to Home

A game of chance, anyone?

Who doesn't love a flower superstore?

The Mystery of the Neon Barber Pole

The Flaneur sees his reflection and is fulfilled
RAY worked as a land surveyor near Cape Cod in 1978,

An alley near me,

Archimbaldo wreath

 The Nearby Faraway

L'age d'or
The fictional street,

No one's ever there,
What if I tried knocking on the door?

The lights went off,
The light came on,
and no one answered my knocking

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians,
On Christmas tree TV

Remember the poor cats at the Carles
They'll have heat or a chilly night's sleep


 A gloomy, anxious realm under the freeway

 On the border of Hope's final refuge


 Do you like to help people? 
Good cops needed
Do you like to hurt people?
Bad cops always needed

 Police Ass. Lobby

 Cop ATM
Pages fanned at the speed of light
I had future-shock

 Cop shop
Where cops get their Tactical bling 
Taser belt-buckles etcetera

I used this image in an earlier blog,
I just can't be bothered to shoot it again

 The cop lobby,
its immense

 You don't want to enter by this door,
By "STORES"  they mean human beings

Naturally there are remedies,
From the banal...

 To the sublime,

The Berkeley Flaneur hopes that your turkey is stuffed,
With peace, love, and sooooooul, baby

 November 2014

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