Thursday, November 6, 2014

All Souls Stroll on Woolsey


Preceded by All Saints Day
Sweet peppers at the Berkeley Farmer's market

All Souls Day took the form of a sunny afternoon in the Elmwood district of Berkeley, my old stomping ground.

 The Flaneur began his leisurely walk in the Rockridge.
Stopping at Cole coffee for a pound of beans
 and a large black coffee at the table outside.
Across the street at the new supermarket mega-complex
the facts were on the ground,
Quel dommage.

 The gift of solitude,
 The massive caffeine influx made me feel like I was on 
An escalator over the hill, I puffed my bird-call sized fatty
and climbed on a rope ladder to the moon,
remembering Jack Bruce so recently departed
I'd seen him with Cream and stood on-stage
at the Newport Jazz festival when he performed
With the Tony Williams Lifetime.

 Roseate trees on Eton

 A notable redwood on Woolsey
A street where I lived for fifteen years

 A proverbial quiet neighborhood at this elevation

Around the corner and onto Claremont avenue,
Batman neon in the reflections of trees

Military vampire 
Outside the febrile comic book shop

A bookstore cat

They sell a sandwich press that toasts
The image of Our Lord onto the bread...
I want one

I love this kind of stuff,
Some folks spend their adult life 
chasing a child's Halloween high,
I know I did

And it's all half-price!
Look they have designer plague rats!

Old STAR market established long before I moved here,
They were recently graffiti-bombed by friends of animals
who remind us that organic meat is still murder

I wanted a Giants yamulke
but they told me that they were all sold out

The Claremont Uplands begin here
Home to prominent bankers and lawyers
and such

I started to feel a little self-conscious
Out of place sort of like a country bumpkin

The Flaneur headed to more familiar environs
a little farther down Woolsey street

The Black Dahlia's daughter

The balance of her remains remain undiscovered 
In a shallow grave not far from this spot

2 November 2014

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