Monday, November 17, 2014

Scratch Pad

The Flaneur is required to publish a certain amount of poetry each year by his Union.

Monsigneur Mongoose,
laze   mooch   layabout
dead pledge
mortgage in the Uplands

don't get too heady
don't get too manic 
a minute ago
you were depressed


fog-dissolved landscape
seen from a passing train window
never seen again


when I stand up straight
my back makes a sound
that says I'm
standing up straight


a long line of cars
leaving the cemetery
on veterans day


first time my heart stopped
it was a solar eclipse
light escaped undetected

the second time my heart stopped
a full eclipse of the harvest moon
up a creek without the paddles

other methods were employed


dark ferry landing
ghostly, as tall as a man
great egret fishing

October-November 2014

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