Saturday, November 8, 2014

Overworked Imagination

Bumped into this festival in Mosswood park, left there minutes ago. The Flaneur still haven't fully sussed out what it was or who was behind it. Enjoy the retinal circus.

The optical illusion of a banner

Someone let the Doggies out

Wide-open down-home fun and relaxation
Nothing was for sale, various things were free

 The music was part of the crowd

 A strange glade

 Designed  to prevent color blindness

 The double-helix balloon man

Another Steampunk boat vehicle

 Pataphysical playtime for us older kids

Lots of attractions for the kids

And for the young at heart

I love an camera obscura
but it became time for me
to look for the exit

 Grateful to Figment for briefly
keeping the grim world at bay

 Say farewell to friends old and new,

 Time for this cat to pack up the wagon
And get back on the road

8 November 2014

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