Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Berkland Awaits Halloweekend

Dama de Noche de Los Muertos

Le Flaneur has long been a druidic priest of Samhain 
when the veil is so thin between the living and the dead 

 Trick or treat yourself , Doll
Which city is spookier?
Depends on what you fear

 Rolling into Rockridge
On Bike to the Boneyard Day

 Mr Donald's rug will be our welcome mat to Berkeley
I really hope he runs as an independent

Say, who's that guy horning in to my shot?

 Oh it's you, Milquetoast Wolfman,
Nice to see you

 Doctor Evil and Mini Me make the scene
On Telegraph avenue

 My Mommy always told me,
There's a lot of bad kids out there

 Commemorative shrine for the Irish students
Who fell to their deaths from a shoddy balcony

 Shrouded scaffolding
Encloses the space they feel through

 Inanimate articulation

 Bang a gong, 
Young people of Berkeley

 Wheels within wheels,
Hypnotic roulette,
All bets down on the future

Back to school, Berkeley

 The totemic animal of October in effigy

Do not eat these

 The antipodes of Oz

 A deep orange butterfly
Recharges it's battery card

 Perfect for trick or treating,
Bringing it all back home,
Little goblins and a haul of candy

 You can eat these,
But don't touch them without gloves on

 Lil' Gold Buddha,
Always seems so content and so happy,
Then again that's his front, isn't it?

 Ho hum, 
Cliches get tiresome


 Let's hit the yellow brick road back to Oaklandia

A grotesque dwarf tree,

Back in the game,
That frost giant looks sort of cool

After dark
Think I'll go out trick-or-treat myself

Uh-oh helicopters,
Perhaps I'm more in the mood
To stay home and listen to my radio


October 2015

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