Saturday, October 10, 2015

Life Along the Estuary

 Halloween Bingo for Transvestite Dogs

Last Night

 Another Fall sunset
I gave to go to Bevmo! for brandy

 Wow there's a salsa band playing on the Ferry lawn


 A tall ship in the dark
Port lights like birthday candles

 They are good too
One must shake a tail feather
just then a text from Joey Know


Lunch and fine brew with good old Joey Know

A little recent favorite place

Second line, third letter is what now?

 A swank boat house

Try to visualize a vast rubble-strewn area between
here and the Jack London train station,
Soon to be a colossal construction
poring more concrete than was poured for the entire wall of China
Guess we may look forward to coming here again 
maybe in four or five years

 September 2015

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