Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hot Holiday Weekend

Water for wildlife

 Hot Sunday in the Garden

When we say Get Lit in Oaksterdam

Bonzai mania returns to the garden center,
World's most miniscule mature trees

Peace made material

The whole trip though
Having originated in Japan
Can verge on the excessively precious

The owl our totem and talisman this time of the year

Bizarre rock

Like a hermit crab
This one carries its own carapace

I wonder if the tree is enjoying it

But I didn't come out here to spend it indoors

A cool place to while away an hour
I'm all about the out-of-doors

A life so vivid

No copyright

Psychedelic Rasta in flower

High rise bee-hive

Water so precious to our planet
Our singularity

Halloween apparently will be a scream 
in the Children's Fairyland

Hot Columbus

I wish they all could be California girls,
USA brings the sexy

Alameda retro party town
With a Picasso profile

Known for its  hot-rod girls, you dig?

It's a Crosley Select 100
Wonder if it has "Car Bomb" by Negativland

Waiting out the heat
The sea birds and me

I like to get right to bottom of things

Accept and in fact dig the world as it is


Re-emerge in another time

Life flying low over the water

Just in time for Halloween

A classic of euphemism

 Good evening to Crab Cove on Columbus Day
At least in an October heatwave the sun goes down
Earlier than on a long hot summer day

Pledge allegiance to one beer under God

Good old Alameda,
Ever thus

Red flowering trees have their moment
On main street USA

Home of some radically hip chicks

Peace to everybody in town

12 September 2015

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