Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oakland Youth Demi-Monde, part 2

Pop Zeitgeist

Always be fun to be young

Wonderful California produce 
grown indoors these days
Make it a cool time to be young

Gold-toned young Beatnik on the bus

What's this?

The ghost of an escaped parakeet?

Only a Hotel Transylvania 2
Lobby promo transparancy

What does the cultural zeitgeist predict?
A natural utopia,
Communication with majestic animals

Or an unsustainable thrill ride 
Technology, power and wealth

A power trip that leads
to an obvious dystopian conclusion

What does the youth of today dream about?

Advice to Young People:
 Forced Conclusion

The demonic writing is on the wall

 Parking lot entities
Wait for dark


Raider Nation

Always something infernal going on

 Easy, Tiger

Beware of patrocinadors
Baring alcoholic beverage

Obscurantism and obfuscation

Sundown on the Union Pacific

Synthetic emotions,
Artificial light

State of the Police
 Tactical shop after dark
The manikin has a loaded gun


 Free will as coin toss

September-October 2015

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