Friday, October 23, 2015

Exile on Main Street

Miscellaneous views vignettes and visions from the Broadway corridor 


 I dig this building
Echo of Oakland's classical period

 Not a bad redux of the entrance lobby neither

 The vaporous Twilight Zone
I want to try wax in a vape pen myself

 Obese people constantly crapping

 Back wall of the Paramount
The letters are painted deep deep black

Urban trees,
Neglected they revert to a natural state

The AC Transit hub
Abandon all hope, y'all

 New mural this year
Stunning geometry of a flat-iron wedding cake


 Bankers have run wild throughout the country

 Capitalist opacity

 The Banker's doorway
It's Escheresque reflections

A troop of kids safely crosses  twelfth  street

Viva la revolution!
Art disguised as propaganda
Or propaganda as art?

Closer and closer to home


 The Flaneur investigates as well


 A city where corruption and incompetence would permit
The Marriott convention center to rob downtown of all its sunshine 
And turn the sidewalk on Broadway to a dangerous drive-way


 The Bay Area has been destabilized
Housing insecurity is on the rise

Estuary Industry


Hallelujah I'm a bum

With lots of time on his hands

To contemplate precise old brick work
Tight machine imagery

To puzzle out electrical enigmas


Transformers hovering over the sidewalk
Survival from the early Industrial Revolution

Detached locomotive traveling backwards

City of Night

Sell everything you own
Give the money to the poor

The best things in life are free,
Your mind best of all,
Your ass will follow

Undertow of the dark night of the soul
During a lunar eclipse

The super-moon triumphs over darkness

August-October 2015

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