Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Jack London Squaresville


Jack London,
Author, train-hopping hobo, Socialist agitator

An album of images from the last few years 
Capturing facets of the lot between
The Jack London train station and the port

Seagulls populate my world,
Before the renovations

Commemorative items

That's really a saloon where Jack London
Drank his ale and his bourbon

Capitalists hire private security thugs
To keep consumers secure,
Can the lone wold survive?

Jack London's Alaska cabin,
At least he had some dates

Indian lady Liberty

An appealing Aztec base

Dormant native tribalism

Fly on, Liberty

Train Traffic

Jack London Square Station

Safe to cross now

Keep your earplugs handy

Freight trains take a long


Time to go by

Yoshi's once a snobbish jazz club,
Now they would book a Monkees reunion
If it would sell some tickets and some booze

Jumping someone's else's train

Dark night falls

Those afloat

Kayak class under heavy clouds

Scalawags flying the skull

The private world

Coast Guard open house,
On the public dock

When in Oakland,
Helicopter patrol

Here comes fun

Other Paths of Escape

Get on your pony and ride

Airborne tractor at a winery

Just down the tracks a piece
From the train station

The new hedonistic amusement palace


But actually quite fake


Where various craft are available
For various neck-risking

You can always enjoy some quietude,
On the public dock

Young and adventurous,
Maybe you can hitch a ride
To some other shore

Sometimes flamboyant motorcycles show up

There's always another train going somewhere
Carrying passengers

Still waiting
I got a head like a freight train,
Walk like a grizzly bear

I try to find my peace,
My relaxation on the water


Watch the sun set
 From the deck of the Potomac

When I go out to see
I won't remember thee,
When I go out to sea,
You won't remember me


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