Thursday, January 22, 2015

Walking South Berkeley

Enigmatic Intrusion

Can you still take a giant step outside your mind in Berkeley?
Here are some locations recommended for strolling stoned.


Doing the devil's work
Imps of the Perverse inflating a tire
At a defunct auto-dealership

 Once this storage place has you in its tentacles
It can easily drag you under water

 An out-door out-fitters,
Got my back pack and a money-belt here
Dig the large "stones in its passway"

 I love a mansarde,
Shattuck avenue domicile


Won't you ride in my little red wagon,
Careful of sharp edges


A mystical mushroom

 Arboreal portraiture
Russell and Benvenue

 Berkeley-as-I-wanna-be attitude

 Let peace be our sign

Little Bullwinkle dog
We shall come rejoicing,
Peeing in the leaves


Some are more ready than others...

But the big news is...

 All the trees that are starting to flower

 Really feels like Spring has sprung in January

And what begins in California...

 17-22 January 2015

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