Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Strange Neighborhood

A strange neighborhood perhaps,
Nevertheless one adapts

The Flaneur takes a daylight walk to reconnoiter two odd buildings on Eighth street.

Tonight we going to pitch a ball,
Down to the union hall

A part of town with its own style
Different than most places

  Workers create the wealth of nations

Workers of the World unite

Determined not to be made to suffer
Despite false rationalizations for austerity

 The building survives the by-gone Church
Cornerstone of a working class populace

Trees cast shadows in reflected light
  A mood of redemption

 Hope for a New Year

  Green front window

Past, present, and future

 Noble trees stand up to the relentless highway

 Never seen anyone there  
In the post-Catholic era

 Flowers last through the winter

Home Sweet Home
Iron bars are advised I suppose


3 January 2015

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