Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Old Haunts, Old Friend, New Year


Longtime no double-O old pal Joey Know.

Ferry Land

 We re-enacted a lunch we once had 
Behind the distorting window
We discussed the death of Van Gogh,
Shot by a young French punk aping 
A Wild West cowboy with a gun

Luminescent sky of January,
Up to the balcony of the Ferry landing,
No ferry service on Winter weekends

 Mechanical design window

Today's ceiling of clouds

Clearing in our Northern skies,
Bryter layter

Never Never Land

 As seen from Mountain View cemetery
 Robber Baron Heights,
Just had to think about it
 And there we were

 This was thanks to Joe's new auto
There it is hiding behind a mausoleum
It felt like a space ship capsule
To one who so rarely rides in such coaches

 Thirty years ago the angel 
Was still completely intact after a century,
The hat adds to the sadness

 Joey observed that the two black marble pillars
Refracted the light with a marked difference
One was yellow/green, the other red/blue

Just another uplifting day in Oakland

4 January 2014

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