Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saint Leo of Piedmont

The Flaneur makes an unplanned visitation to another area church.

I often take a quaint bus from Old Oakland to Downtown Berkeley that passes through Piedmont avenue as part of it's aleatory route. I have long held a mild interest and urge to see the interior of St Leo's church along the way. As chance would have it, the bus I was on had a phantom back door, opening by itself as we climbed through little residential hills. So when we got to Piedmont the driver pulled over on Piedmont and told us the next bus will be along shortly.
Just then the church bells rang at St Leo's and I went in for a first look.

Sacred Space

  A hasty impression of the front altar

Sacred Heart window 
With Station of the Cross

Organ in the choir loft, 
Too much light

Take this cup from me,
Window with Station of the Cross

A room for condolence and confession

A descendant of old King David,
Virgin Mary icon and garden

Secular Realm

Across Piedmont there's a small cul-de-sac,
Charming in its own way, I tried for an image,
After I did a glittery make-up lady 
said with assumed authority,"Can I help you?"
"Free citizen in a free country," I replied

Guard the schoolyard,
There's a stranger in our midst

What will it be, Bub?
Can I help you?

18 January 2014

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