Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday Sunset

A Return to Waterfront Oakland

Over the years the Flaneur has noticed a cyclical phenomenon.

  "What doesn't kill me makes me sleep until two the next afternoon."
Jim Carroll

It is the recurrence of waking up too early and being unable to fall back asleep, regardless of how few hours of sleep I had achieved. This situation seems to occur annually during the first few weeks of the year. Perhaps what it is a circadian adaption to the short days combined with a vestigial rally of the old new year's resolution reflex.
What generally happens is that I read, maybe puff, have a little greek yoghurt, and gradually hypnotize myself back to slumber, often producing a strange omnibus of various stages of demi-sleep and dream. Then I wake up late.
As I did last weekend; both days were mild days of fleeting sunlight and in my haste to enjoy them I had but tie to walk the sun-inundated streets between my breakfast nook and the waterfront.

Saturday Sunset

Don't want him to tie a tag on me toe anytime soon,
A landmark in the historic police state complex district

This place, almost metaphysical in its orderliness,
A knick-knack, not for every day use,

Familiar landmarks grow in one's affection over time

 Love makes the world go 'round

 An Oakland welcome to ye,
Between the courthouse and the hoosegow

The quotidian
Faded red, white and blue

 Be like a brick house

 Winter sunlight on old brick construction

 The phenomenal world under plexi-glass,
Way out on the Ferry landing pier
No ferry service on winter weekends

 A winter sunset

 I overheard this guy offering a ride to two teen-age girls,
He was still pitching to them as the boat pulled off


 The sunset was going the way of all things

 10 January 2015


Glenn Ingersoll said...

"a winer sunset" is luscious

RAY MAN said...

Thanks, you know I used to wait and try for the "decisive moment" but I now play it safe with "coverage"...I attempted ten shots of that sunset. Then you have to study them, and that one was certainly the best of the lot