Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Sundown

Oakland Waterfront Revisited

Sunday Sundown

 Nice corner to catch a buzz

 Another noble tree stands up to incessant traffic,
Over the tunnel entrance to Alameda

 Across the street, a cop bar,
Just toss prisoners in Jail Stores,
Grab a whistle wetter and lunch

 Wonder if I'd feel welcome

 Gateway to the Historic Warehouse district

 The venerable American Bag Company, 
From the Nineteenth century

 "They don't make nothing here no more,"
Bob Dylan, "Union Sundown


 Act like nothing's wrong,
Try not to laugh

What were they thinking?

 Space available....gee, no kidding,
I think that Governor Moonbeam lived here
When he was mayor of Oakland

 Snazzy.... a Canadian connection maybe

Dig the duck-like contraption on the back end

 This is right down on the water
A place to getfuel

Here comes a boat for some gas

Jack London inhabited this cabin or something,
The sunlight became like honey

Kayaks spawning

Seafood restaurant

Sidled up to a Coast Guard patrol boat 
Occupying the public pier

Orange turned ultra-orange in the amber sunlight

A egret was fishing alongside a coot,

The sunset was described in subtle pastels,
Time to head back home

The street lights were already on

11 January 2015

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