Thursday, February 9, 2017

Boschean Limbs: The Month

If you wrote up the facts just as they are
and could send it back in time
into recent history through a wormhole
Everyone who read it would have said,
That could never happen

All the nightmares came today
and it looks as though they're here to stay

The police were pensiveand quiet
yet they quietly turned out in full force
for every demo every march

The Mayor says that there was no vandalism
at the Women's March

Just this bench where the old and the disabled
wait for the infrequent 11 bus
at Harrison and Grand,
but you can't control those
with no impulse control

Over in Berkeley rebuilding takes place

First Congregational church
 that burned last year,
I've attended scores of classical
 and early music performances there

I was an eye-witness
on a passing bus
on my way to the cannabis dispensary
walked down street to see billowing smoke
as the cops were erecting the barriers

Token Socialist hero
of an all but defeated democracy

Boy Scouts

Some go berserk

Some guys toke too much
but who can blame them?

Who are these assholes?

blood sport and as such

Great pains are taken
to get skin tone just right

I only know this cat
cause I'm also called

You better get some Sherbert, Herbert

And take long walks
keep your eyes open for wee people

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