Saturday, February 11, 2017

Paranoiac Posters

It's vibrational and elementary,
my dear Ms Watts

It's not as if the Plutocracy
listens to very word
ready to unleash the military

The urban experience
21st century style
tense and fraught frames of mind

It's not as if the banks
 and the big investors
came first, counted for more

We are crowded as it is
don't leave open the door

In a world of competition for resources
America come first from now on

Act normal
don't do anything to stand out
Relax and take up your burden
in a never-ending march



I'll always be like a kid
thrilled to be
at the movies

Movies imagined by a Bosch,
sort of a
Pseudonymous Bosch

In an anguished dream
 I'm at this event
and can't manage to exit
even though it's only
 a short walk home

January-February 2017

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