Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Saint Stephen - Live Dead

On St Stephen's day
the cold wave frozen in place
I retreated to Mountain View cemetery
for my outdoor hiking fun
out of the winds prevalent Bayside

Wasn't that a type of LSD?

Chapel of the Chimes
Did I mention it was Xmas?

I saw the skeleton of a dog

The Garden of Eternity
the Hebrew cemetery
Eerie alone there
never see visitors

But folks do visit
evidenced by the ancient
custom of leaving
a stone behind

Through another gate

An exuberant fountain
lit by the sun
charmingly pale today

The proto martyr himself
shedding relics

Into the main ring

The office looks festive
Bring us you Loved One

Let's take a spin
on its spiraling roads

I sheered clear
of the heights
For the warm pockets
of the foothills

I walked through a mausoleum
a moment's respite from the chilly air

When I looked back
I saw that the opposite door was open
 I was sure that I closed it

When I returned inside
I thought  heard whispering voices

Why hurry off?
they seem to say

You can stay here with us
as long as you like

Into the bright sunlight
I burst

I'm in the market for
a detached post-mortem
residence thank you 

And I don't want to end up
underwater on the mortgage

There is plenty here
to choose from

A parliament of ghosts

The obscure object
of desire
carved in marble

Some curse their lives
while the dead envy them
their bodies 

More like what I had in mind
built like a brick out house

I'm getting warmer

Sphinx guard my
fleeting Valhalla
of the hillside

My courtyard
for the nonce

Forever in disrepair
or until the Rapture
or urban renewal
whichever comes first

My picnic and contemplation spot
A bird drinks from the urn
the only other utility left
for this grandiose remembrance
of some person wealthy and vain
utterly forgotten on the face of the earth

A transporting edifice indeed

A look inside
100 years before Pop

Prime surreal estate
for the sur-rational
poet in me

Celtic cross

Rolling through the headstones
through Oakland
across the bay
Mighty San Francisco
evanesces and reappears

Another intricate
ethnic cross design
Not Celtic
Levantine or something

That dead dog again

The glory of Solstice time

Home for good things to eat
brandy and cannabis treats
the sky seemed to be on loan
from another world

December 22, 26 2016

Psychedelic animation

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