Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Garden and its Environs

June is splendiferous
more so than ever
a gift from a flower to a garden
a sunny day reflection song

color nova

A water bubbler
for birds and butterflies

Traffic is heavy
I see many every visit

I cut a lime
and made it an offering

Color sensitivity
we share it with
select fauna

Step inside
with me
and the bee

Zen rock

Ephemeral and fleeting
cactus flowers

Turtles have sex
on their ganglia

I'm with you in the cloud

do they not?

Fill the symbolic region
of your mind with
landscapes skies
animals and plants

Deepening rewards

Pull in here a second

Let them glide past

Join me in a color bath

An observed life

An examined environment


 This grand old tree
used to be

Now a place in the heart


A gone world

Some are born
to sweet delight

I'm a bit reckless

Unguarded I collide
with megafauna

Walked out onto
 this twisted oak
risking my neck,
a little boy ran up
and I ceded him
the sinuous tree

That dog was
too much for my mirror

Look who's here

Sail around the world
in a dirty gondola
Oh to be back in the land
 of coca cola

June 2017

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