Friday, June 16, 2017

Berkeley Squared

June is the swoon round here
students evacuate
the sun is hot the air is cool

On becoming
and empty

Suitcase for the timid

native flash
and filigree

Guess you better
slow your mustang down

like a catfish

Mustang Sally was parked
in front of this building

And parked right next to it

What I believe
used to be called
a Cobra

Some ego-nerd must have
bought the company

Becoming Summer lawns

Blues cruise

on the Potomac
historic presidential yacht

I listened to them warm up
 from landing where
it was loud enough indeed

I know my natural blues
and they could play it
You can't last a month in Oakland
without a very funky drummer

This sculptural chariot
was stashed Portside
probably belongs to a cop
or fireman

Tangle of Spring

Back to the North Pole
beware of the polar bears

if you are

He who dies with the most toys

Really past due time
for adult men
to get rid of the sports
and toy collections
and act like men

Call me RAY Man

In my imagination
I am in following in
Jimi Hendrix' footsteps

May-June 2017

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