Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Along the Edge of Night, Chapters 1 and 2

Sun's out late
postprandial perambulations


The corner curio shop
so recently arrived

Curiouser and  curiouser

The front doors of
The Bookmark
a used bookstore

Legendary street person
of Telegraph avenue Berkeley
He's famous for roaring "Raw!"
a few years worse for wear
but still there today

Funny you don't look money

The substation where
Project XO takes place

Around the corner
the gloomy lodging of
 the loneliest man in town,
He stands all day
must lie down at night

His world of fairly
 incessant traffic
leads to an on-ramp

Just down the street
the Police Credit Union

And a police accoutrement shop
a haberdashery of restraint

Mother always said
to come home when
 the streetlights come on

It's already late for the sky

Get a little spook on

Xmas tree in May
window at a lost hotel

In police parlance
the Flaneur might be
called a "peeper"

The whole high rise
at once 

It can be quite

A run to Berkeley Bowl
a round-about bus stop
to return

I climbed on a
sidewalk haystack
to get this shot,
the front door opened a tad

Party house
lots of celebration
in June

The old Chevy truck

Over the little park
so long in its

Visible chill
the marine layer
was formidable

May-June 2017

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