Saturday, June 3, 2017

Crab Cove Cook-Out

To finish up our Memorial Weekend
a visit the previous week
before the crowds showed-up

Completely clamped between
two several-ton boulders
it could not be pried loose
Did the boulders move
 in the wild winter storm surf?
I think not, the wood is balsa-like
spongy when wet and no doubt
hurled into a crevice where
it expanded when it dried

 I'd be remiss not to mention
that the wood looked a lot
like a human bone

Be here now
all over again

is extra-alive
lubrious and slippery

Fractal moss on a rock

The rocks are sheltered from the wind
and the sun is May-time hot

Fortunately I toted
my custom parasol

Because it's hot on the rocks

I relocated to the shade

I can easily understand
irrational flower celebration
these were picked by someone
and left strewn on  a picnic table
and a sloping tree
to dry out in the sun

Spare the air day or not
I decided to entertain myself
with a small fire

Naturally logs ignite
and go out agaun

But where there's smoke...

there's fire

What's with all the young cats
with sharp anachronistic haircuts
and huge hillbilly beards?

I would never patronize
a barber so petty and mean as to
glue a quarter to the pavement
outside his entrance

Brought the flowers home
put them in a large beer mug

In demi-sleep
my mind was
forming a mosaic
out of memory

23 May 2017

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