Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Moraine of Twenty-Fifteen

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Political World

"The Republicans are no longer a political party they represent a right-wing insurgency"
-Noam Chomsky

This was the year the traitors in congress wrote to Iran to say the sitting chief executive officer had no power to make treaties then inviting war-monger Netanyahu to address congress to spite the President's face. They apparently went from the Senate chambers directly to Sheldon Adelson's office to receive their checks.
Boehner invited Beebee only to have a fistula of his own party's extremists force him out. He got a chance to invite the Pope as he grabbed his coat, knowing it was going to be all down hill from there he chose to escape the Boschean scene he helped create. The lachrymose chain-smoking dipso from Ohio side-stepped into the lucrative field of lobbying.

More than one mass shooting a day.
Congress doesn't even bring up gun control anymore. 
The Supreme Court again  showed itself to be thoroughly corrupt,
source of the rot at the top.
Rapacious capitalist demagogue races to the top
pouring gasoline on xenophobia
and status angst, threatening to thwart the GOP
 when he takes his voters with him.

All invoke Reagan supply side tax cuts,
"We're gonna give all the money to people at the top,
 but hang on it will trickle down to you soon." 

The United States produces half of all the world's arms then says,
"It's a dangerous world out there,
 we're gonna have to send our drones in to kill you."

White Lives Don't Matter

No one has to tell me how grim daily life has become, 
I see it on a daily basis. 
No one is more appalled by the treatment of poor blacks than I am,
the summary executions of the defiant,
the body left in the street for hours in Ferguson,
the NYC cops choking a petty offender to death,
The Ohio cop not warning the kid from inside his own vehicle 
to drop the weapon, a toy it turned out,
It's a continuous litany.

I have been very pointedly trying to expose and express dissent
from the police-state plutocracy it's become.
This repression courtesy of the very wealthy
is coming for all of us,
Which is not to say that the hardest edge of it
 doesn't come down on African-Americans,
It does

I don't believe the answer is for the disaffiliated Blacks
to double-down on the hostile threatening behavior,
That only gives them further rationalization for
The militarization of  the police and of surveillance
And prison-building.

Attempting to dominate by intimidation, bullying,
Displays of anger and contempt 
for innocent bystanders who happen to be of European dissent,
Hatred is hatred and no one is justified who hates.

On College Avenue Black activists disrupted a restaurant
Crowding in a reciting the names of those killed by the police,
A mulatto woman stood above an Oakland demonstration 
With a sign unironically reading, "Rules for White People"
On campus Black students shoved and blocked
Other students from using Sather gate
To make them feel the discomfort they feel themselves every day,
This tactic spread to "Black Friday" and "Black Christmas"protests 
when free citizens were physically blocked from shopping,
A very long way from the program 
of respect and responsibility fostered by Dr. King,

But who are the leaders of this movement?
Ta Nahisi Coats,
Half-baked and spiteful,
Blames all ghetto pathology on white racism,
He strikes me as the Black protest 
Equivalent of Mr Donald.


Not the place I used to know

(more rants to follow,

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