Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Best Films 2015

The  Best Films of 2015

1. American Sniper
2. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
3. Unfinished Business
(Vince Vaughn movie)
4. Jupiter Ascending
(Channing Tatum movie)
5. Kingsman:The Secret Service

These are the only films I saw on the big screen
and they weren't any good for the most part. 
The film more or less happened to playing
 at the Jack London cineplex when I was in the vicinity
  and was bearing a gift card for admission.
They are not in order of merit and I would say

American Sniper was the most unpleasant experience of the lot.
Dispiriting as any film I've seen,
the mise en scene was enlivened by a fight next to me
A rolling-on-the-floor fight
It was over smart phone usage

 Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation was possibly the most fun
beyond absurd in terms of plausibility,
It was nevertheless an unflagging fun ride.
Tom Cruise doesn't have a Marvel or DC comics superhero franchise
But he doesn't need one because he is almost always a super-hero,
Imagine seizing onto a jet as it takes off so he can climb into it in the air
And who can find any fault with that title
A worldwide poll recently found that the country
 Regarded as the greatest threat to peace was
our own failed state

Unfinished Business was a real roll of the dice on a night
when I felt like seeing a film and looked for the least
 of the various evils on offer.
I may have laughed aloud at its depravity a few times
But my immediate impression was that Vince
 makes rather low-budget exploitation movies now,
He was fine in his role as Vince Vaughn
But the excruciating part was James Franco's younger brother
In my cannabis-sensitized state it hurt to look at his close-ups
His bewildered and bewilderingly bad acting
As the dumb young white guy--the predominantly black audience
Howled and slapped at his maladroit cluelessness
A comedic actor from UK had the indignity of being encountered
Standing at a glory hole with his genitals protruding
Introduced by Vince as a business associate
Franco goes over and shakes his extremities,
Tom whatshisname prestigious British actor is also in it
But like Vince I guess he does anything

Jupiter Ascending  is rather difficult to remember, cheap thrills usually are to the adult mind.
I wanted to check out a state of the art modern 3 D film and this was my introduction to them. Channing's chest and Mira Kunis' eyes were the eye candy dazzlingly displayed in futuristic outer space civilizations. Eddie Redmayne showed beyond any doubt that he was able to portray a bitch.

The Kingsman: The Secret Service was some sort of pre-release early showing or something, I certainly hadn't heard of it when I got a ticket. It was a sort of a send-up  of the James Bond film genre with that sort of droll commentary on rapacious classism that passes for dry satire but is easy to mistake for admiration.

Another saber-toothed year-- some random thought balloons
All best wishes to my readers for 2016