Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Flaneur Looks Back

The Flaneur Looks Back

 Kaleidoscopes of one hundred years past

 Mementos and souvenirs of  halcyon hallucination

 I think because a boy climbed it
after it had soaked up the rain in November
and fell to his death when the bough broke,
It's now a make shift shrine with rainy flowers
and Mexican Catholic candle jars

There was a fire on the first floor of my building,
A commercial space.
The apartments didn't really burn but some were smoked

 I suppose lead was found,
This led to a rebuilding of the frontal interior,
The place had just finished being entirely rebuilt,
I have the good fortune to live at the very back
The only real effect besides coming and going past workman
Was the rather pleasant one of the place 
Remaining half-deserted in the interim


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