Tuesday, December 8, 2015

From the Drive-By Archive

MLK Oakland to Shattuck Berkeley

The Starline Social Club

Murals promoting mental health
And its absence

Just what the neighborhood needs
More gangster posturing

The anthropomorphic muffler shop
Wish there was mufflers for noisy, exhausting people

A dry garden center 
I was a premature for a good view
Of the Bullwinkle sun sculpture

Once last chance Baptist
Now Self-Realization

 La Pena
The three-dimensional mural recalls
 Victor Jara playing guitar with disembodied arms


Sari, wrong number
Bengali University Avenue

First rainy day
The schoolyard seems more kinetic today

Rainy intersection of Piedmont and Pleasant Valley,
Cemetery cul de sac

Back to the central idea of Oakland

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