Thursday, December 10, 2015

Retrospective on The San Francisco Bay

Here are unused, nearly-used and out-taken images from recent Bay crossings
Retrospective maritime documentary

August Adventure

Always busy over at Bay Ship in Alameda

Always a bald guy with a phone camera

Under the bridge to a land of fantasy

San Francisco,
Financial district constructed on landfill

I'm just window-shopping,
I'm never stopping to buy

Hands off ,buddy
I saw her first

Low tide 
Before the storms of Winter

A lot of heavy industry used to go down around here,
Now it all comes in containers from China

All we have to do is milk the tourists,
Progress one would suppose

It's a place I like to be

Pulling off

September Expedition

 Back on the water again

Into the San Francisco headlands

 Fort Mason
Its bold geometry
Before the grandeur of the Gate

 Ha ha here's comes more people
Always a welcome sight
Unlike relentless bicycle traffic

Sea Scouts learn to launch here

 Back to sea level,
Rising with it if need be

 An emporium for those of us with more discerning taste
In home decor

 Galleries offer exciting exhibits of action painting
And other curiosities of modern art

 My own taste runs rather more to the traditional

 Evening falls
On all the joys and diversions
On the seagulls and the sea

 Time to shove off
Nice to have a home to return to after a journey

Intoxicated view of the Ferry Building
Lit-up to recall the 1915 Exposition

August-September  2015

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