Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Random Observations of My Oakland

 Syncretism and superstition
Envelope the Last Supper

The Flaneur looks up from his navel to contemplate
his astounding immediate surroundings

 Everything for every need and  pleasure

 Not that the Flaneur rides again,
But hell, why not?

 One big Pop Culture Party,
That's all it is these days

 Not very far away
A slow motion peoples movement
Amid incessant traffic

A community garden
Sign in for marvelous fresh greens

 BART train enters the picture
Highway over the hood

Kontinue the Dream
A spray-painted graffiti-esque mural
The joy of reading and gratuitous misspelling

 Climb every mountain, everybody

 For I have been to the mountain

 I have had the whole scenic tour, baby

 From the cop boats and presidential yachts
 of the estuary

To Patriotism, hollow historicity
Police-laden pomp and circumstance

Until the last soul has been shipped
From the offices of the Public defenders

From which I make my get away,
Fear of Music 


Time to pull up my chair
by the curtainless window of night

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