Monday, November 23, 2015

Lines Scribbled on a Beach

The tide is so low it's non-existent
Water has gone far away
Sky is an ancient fabled contest
Clouds in mock turmoil rendered by Masson
Opalescent light its tinted aura
Mists soften the sun
Pelicans splash down feathered dinosaurs
Fractal multitudes of tiny birds reassemble
Into a more stable semblance of things
One mother and child have walked
Way out on the mud flats
Separate from those of us on shore
At the epidermis of the water's thin skin
High nutrition belt
Everything eating everything
Little crabs will eat the gulls if they croak
All the feeding now takes place there
All the nuclear explosion on the sun
White light beyond sight
Sudden now as the clouds thin
Sodden kite surfers down toward the lost horizon
Dry your wings
Never an inanimate moment in  bird world
Wild geese fly over low banjo harmonics
Land birds frantic in the pines
Butterfly of autumn in dark jewel tones
Entering the bumpy tunnel under the estuary
A little Chinese boy falls instantly asleep

22 November 2015

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