Monday, November 16, 2015

Return After Thanksgiving Freshman Year

I'd come in from windy wharves of New Bedford
Bunking with Queequeg over the Pequod tavern
Cold weather mirage, new work clothes
Buttonwood park zoo low spark of high heeled rock 1967
Pet shop Bishop Stang hobby land Route 6
Aunt Lillian died my Mother so sad
 Rehab Thanksgiving in a rest home
Water-coloring over xeroxes of William Blake
As if there was some point 
Bergman death actor the elements of film
On a fence post in country road Amherst
The deliquescent foliage infra-red fur on the hills
Old things not yet erased
November's denouement black and white cartoon rainstorm
Shutters bang off fly the chimney bricks
Leaf vortex in the conquering wind
Small refuge in warm-lit chambers
The stars land on the landscape at night
Did I know anyone in the houses then?
Gone now faded polaroids
Shooting stars just outside peripheral vision
Insights now into half-remembered tales
Ages passing for wisdom 
This dam, this falls, this gorge in darkness, 
This purgatory chasm
To make passage in an unexplained mental geography
Knew it as it took place, recognized it as future reflection
Natural land and water ways sound-tracked with music
Hallucinatory universe of manageable proportions
Painted wigwams filled with small fires scented smoke
Float over the inverted lake
The upside-down sky as seen by the mountain's eye
Tomato automata in the darkness of the park
An imaginary drawing room there
From some nocturnal garden--anonymity
The hungry owl led me through a moonlit glade

14 November 2015

 early 1970s

re-discovered this painting in a long-neglected box a few weeks ago
It re-surfaces in this poem, an attempt to recall the young mind
 Mass psychosis, or a restorative breather in the march of doom,
 a psychedelic way of life, a dream of co-existence in the living world

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