Saturday, February 7, 2015

Mais Non, Je ne Suis pas Charlie

The thing about the Charlie affair is the mag did not act as an equal opportunity insult medium.

When they ran a cartoon by Sine ( great I even had a book of his)
showing Sakozy's son donning Hebrew drag to marry a rich Jewish girl
  Sine was forced to resign from Charlie

Moreover, notice how scarce reproductions of Charlie's scabrous cartoons are in the US etc media?
They should be on t-shirts with "Je Suis Charlie" in big letters:
Jesus sodomizing God the Father while being sodomized by the Holy Ghost should be popular
(that act of spite and malice was to protest resistance to same-sex marriage)
Or the Prophet with his buttocks spread and a dripping penis.
Sounds close to hate speech,
which of course is absolutely sniffed-out and punished in France if it in any remote way can be labeled anti-Jewish.

This is just an opportunity for those who wish to fan islamophobia to have a convention
Netanyahu was asked by French president to stay home and stay away from the march--
instead he and a bodyguard shoved his way to the the front ---to make it all about Israel.
There's a funny YouTube edit of him pushing his way with the Looney Tunes music.

The Hebdo perps were alienated French citizens who saw hatred and hated in return.

(from an email)

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