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Friday the Thirteenth of February

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Lovely weather, high weather, mysterious aircraft, eschatology not quite now

In which the intrepid Flaneur undertakes a circadian February crossing subsumed by triskaidekaphobia . 
The circle will not be unbroken.

The first anomaly in my region of space: I discovered as the Oakland Ferry pulled in that I had forgotten to pack the adorable joint I had rolled this morning. Since I had at least had a wee puff for me aches and pains before my shower, and it was from a burning blend of OG Kush and Jack Herrer, both potent and long-lasting, I decided I would go ahead anyway. I did have a small jar a brandy to have with my lunch so quel dommage?

I was to find out.

Coming in

Sizable Coast Guard ship at Bay Ship

The path we took

Astonishingly we would reach seventy degree balminess today,
But it was still a bit February out in the middle of the Bay

Almost there now

A young seal regards his lazy obese elders,
An observable social order exists here

There was a bull seal back on the last pontoon
Five times the size of the average female

The Emperor Norton, self-appointed
Is the patron saint to San Francisco's 
Longstanding Legion of eccentric alcoholics

Looks like the Bay Area could us a good scrubbing

Totally-toned swimmers proud of body
Turned-out as always

The crabs were on ice

  "Famous" child actor I did not really recall,
Act famous and people will think that you are

 Aquatic Park

See that flying object in the sky over the bridge?
It's a twenty-first century plane
With two huge helicopter-like propellers
Set at an angle from the wings 

In the sky left of the ship
Is that plane again, returning from it's strange mission
(The kids fishing off the pier were about to dump their bait)

Here are both planes returning,
They had been escorted by two large military helicopters
Not the Chinooks I had since last month,
(Note gulls after bait dump)

This is the closest view of it I managed to capture,
I remarked to a friendly swimmer that every time I come to San Francisco
There was a show of military might.
He said that was Obama who flew over,
I had heard on the radio today that the President was speaking at Stanford,

Going home

The real Friday the Thirteenth sequence began when I had hauled the long haul back to Pier 41only to discover that the old 5:30 Oakland boat no longer sails, it now originates at the Ferry building downtown only as does the next boat. I then attempted to catch the street car to get to the Ferry building but an ever-growing mob were awaiting it and no cars were even in sight.
If I had me herb I would have been more patient. I should have merely walked the mile and a half and caught the next Ferry building-only departure at 6:20. Although overcrowded and menaced by bikes, it was all at sea-level and a much easier walk than the one I ended up taking. More importantly it wouldn't have fated me to fight me way through and then out of the city.

Instead I crossed this MUNI yard dazed by a surrealistic cloud.
Before an hour had passed I was feeling transient contempt for San Francisco, for how miserable modern life has made it.

Things seemed about to take a turn for the noir,
I've seen this guy somewhere before,

I climbed arduous Stockton street through North Beach
The neighborhood was convivial as people began the holiday weekend,
You rarely get evenings as comfortable and mild in the summer

A hellish bus through dysfunctional Chinese Stockton street,
Followed by an involuntary detour to Masonic
Unhappy, so I got off and walked.
From the romantic illusions of Fisherman's Wharf's materialism,
to the hardened materialism of Chinatown's rush hour
to the satanic materialism around Geary and Powell

BART was another giant step into the realm of nightmare.
I had to stand on sore legs in a ridiculously stuffed train
But it got me back where that cute little smoke had saved itself just for me.


Turns out it was a flyover by the President I saw. He was in the large helicopter and three MV-22 Ospreys joined him in the sky.

Here's a clip:

13 February 2015

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