Monday, February 9, 2015

Mainstreet USA Revisited in Winter

Building a library of rare books, a lionine calling 
With some wear and foxing to frontispiece

Whenever there's a soft parade, the Flaneur notes the floats,

One afternoon on the other side

Scuba shop with style

You hit this place before going on an underwater caper
Like a sixties undercover cop movie

May the past be with you,
The land of kookie kitsch,
Where everything was sort of cool

Remember swinging?
Me neither

Music From Another World,
A space age classic,
Remember to flip it over

Here comes the Coast Guard again

Not some sentimental nostalgia,
 This ain't McHales Navy Operation Petticoat

Just serious business,
 Homeland Security

December 2014

So Early in the Year

In January in Northern California
You can lie in green grass

In winter the water is preternaturally calm,
Low tide is like the Bay went away

Peaceful afternoon on the submarine walkway

Over the sun's pathway 
On rolling lawns by the beach

Old-time design on Santa Clara
California dream house across from the bank

The Flaneur loves a mansarde
This reminds me of all the winter sunsets
Watched from an attic window in my family home

The bank itself,
Its design incorporates the street name,
Remnant of dignified times

No mystery to this dormant pole
The barber closed his business

The Guitar Army on parade,
Jim Morrison lived in Alameda as a youth
I once went to a record shop along here 
For an exhibition of Jim's high school age artwork,
Needless to say, it was a bit sick

Time for me to bounce on along
On my wheels of steel,
We wave goodbye Main Street USA

January 2015

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