Thursday, February 12, 2015

American Sniper

On Sunday I went to Jack London cinemas  for American Sniper
(depressing unredeemed)
during the crucial firefight a guy sitting next to me who had
demanded that a ghetto gal in the row in front of us put her jumbo phone screen down
He was blackish too--she ignored him.
Then I saw him turning on his own  cell phone screen to my puzzlement;
whereupon he shone it in the face of the girl and her tough ghetto boyfriend.
The boyfriend wasn't going to sit still for that.
The guy next to me yelled at him and he lunged just as two uniforms showed up

They get between them and then ghetto guy lunges again
and they all fall down in the aisle.
This is all immediately next to me.
I wasn't scared -- I wanted my movie without distraction, damn it

The "cops" got them up and led away only  the ghetto couple.
I felt it was an injustice:
they were rude but he was aggressive toward them

"You're going to jail" the older guy shouted gleefully triumphant,

You wonder why so many black people are in the hoosegow when
so many act like it was still the liberated 70s not repressive 2015.

(from an email)

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