Monday, December 1, 2014


Last year Christmas came to Jack London Square.
 By objective chance the Flaneur was there.


 My first day with my new digital camera
I bought a memory card in Fisherman's wharf,
Picked up my tool and started banging,
Right out of the park

 Came in for a cheerful landing
Back at the Oakland marina

 What's this, what's this?

  While I wasn't looking
An impressive tree arrived,
 Lovers were moved to display


 A group of Christmas carolers showed up,
I listened and sang along
To the Yuletide cheer

December 2013


I came by again on another wintry day

 In the sobering daylight
There's still plenty of magic there, 
Passersby vocalize delight

The Potomac
Roosevelt's presidential yacht,
Festooned with wreath and Christmas tree

A salute to the Flag,
And to the Faith of our Fathers,
Were it not for the patriarchy,
We'd still be living in mud huts


January rolled around as usual,
Down went the branches one by one,
Only a poodle-tail tip left

'Twas ever thus


 Until this month of December,
The eternal verities
The perennial return


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