Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Return to the Cathedral


The Flaneur lurks in the back of the church.

If a reader is not interested in Catholic churches, he is advised to turn into Berkeley Flaneur again next month. In this case, yesterday's brief revisit of Christ the Light Cathedral, one of  our featured Churches of Advent this year. A delightful whirl through its foyer and its gift shop widens the scope of our regard for its contemporary design and its curated elaborations.

 Modern Confessional

 The Cruets
Body, mind,and soul,
The mystery within

 The Risen Christ,
The numinous elevator

 Mosaic Source Code

The Cathedral Shop

 The Holy Family,
The essential tableau

 Endless variations on a theme

 There's a fine line between religious tchotchke-hoarding
And the widespread obsessive doll-collecting 

 Jesus, Saint Francis, angels, and arch-angels,
Saint Patrick, you name Him we got Him

A cross made of crosses,
Mine to bear

9 December 2014

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