Friday, December 5, 2014

Circular Berkeley

Miscellaneous images around town this time of the year. Painted ponies go up and down.

 Oak tree on Thanksgiving

Ziggurat bridge over the dark creek
Had a light in it long ago

 Quail effigy over Cordonices creek
Under the BART tracks

 The why,
Spent ten days here ten years ago,
 Pool, sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi every day,
Someone said I looked really clean

 Clouds over the bay 
from the fifth floor of the public library
Rain at last

 Used to be Tupper and Reed's music store
 Supplier of harmonicas for God Nose
Next door was Beckett's a tony Irish pub

 In the oblique rays of November,
A quiet moment

 Do they know it's Christmas?
Robots I mean,
Pathetic fallacy imagining balls

Green, green grass,
 Rain clouds, unsettled skies
Phrases like music to our ears

  A brisk trade exists in spiritual materialism,
Buddhists pray to impermanence I suppose

 Not a Peeping Tom,
Some windows are just so inviting

A lit-up tree
In an interstice, 

November- December 2014

Solstice Celebration
(last year)

 It was a very mild day

 Jazz is spoke here 

Blowing  Miles-like
For the Farmers Market crowd

 An admirable youth
I'd like him for a grandson,
A real boy too not a peacock

 Running and wrestling with his friends

Berkeley, Berkeley,
Come blow your horn on high

21 December 2013

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